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Frequently Asked
(and Answered) Questions

What is a modular home?

A modular home is a high quality factory built house which uses the same basic materials as site built homes but unlike a site-built home it is constructed in sections in a weather protected, climate controlled factory environment. Building in this controlled environment enables the use of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and state of the art equipment and tools which results in increased speed, quality and efficiency in the construction process.  Before leaving the factory each home is subjected to rigorous quality control inspections including independent 3rd party inspections, all of which ensure that (a) the workman ship is of the highest standard and (b) the house complies with all applicable codes.  Finally, just like site built homes, modular homes are available in an endless variety of floor plans and exterior treatments.

How does a modular home compare to a site-built (stick-built) home?


As mentioned above, modular homes are built using the same basic material as site built homes.  However, modular homes are of superior quality for the following reasons:

  • The homes are constructed in a controlled environment by professional craftsmen who are constantly monitored by quality control experts.

  • As modular homes are constructed in a factory, the equipment available is far superior that that which is available to site builders.  For example, cuts made by site builders could not possibly be as precise as those made by a component cutter in the factory.  Modular homes also use glue nailed sheathing and decking with framing that exceeds code.  The end result to the customer is a high quality, more precisely built home.

  • Federal laws regarding modular homes ensure that they are among the safest houses on the market in which to live.  These laws include the requirement that modular homes have smoke detectors, incombustible materials around kitchen ranges and furnaces and escape windows to name a few.

  • Unlike site built houses, modular construction can not be delayed by poor weather and also the building materials are never exposed to adverse weather conditions which can damage and warp expensive materials during the construction process.  Materials damaged through exposure to the elements can result in costly problems over time for the homeowner.

Will my investment in a modular home appreciate in value?

Modular homes will last just as long as any other type of quality construction and their value will increase in line with comparable site-built houses.

What about building permits?

As with any form of construction, modular homes require local building permits.  All of our homes meet or exceed both state and local building codes.  By providing you with properly certified plans, as well as our guidance, we help you to obtain your building permit.  

How much of my home is "finished" upon delivery?


When most of our homes are delivered and set they are about 90% complete.

How customized can my house be?


The vast majority of our homes are customized to one degree or another.  We can alter existing designs to suit your needs, or use original designs, with certain exceptions and revisions.  As part of our service we work with you to design the home that reflects your individual needs and tastes using Chief Architect.  Also a large variety of upgrade options are available.

How can I finance my home?


Modular homes are quite easy to finance as many banks actually prefer to provide loans for such houses.  This is due to the fact that, from the day they are set, they are weather protected and therefore the equity is already in the house.  Northwood Modular Homes has a number of "modular friendly" banks who know our company and whom we deal with on a regular basis.  We will help guide you through the whole financing process.

Does my home come with a guarantee or warranty?


Every home comes with a full ten year structural warranty as well as manufacturer's warranties on all appliances, heating, and other building materials.

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